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There is a saying in the UK, "time waits for no man", and we recognize that life may depend on our products and services being available at any time. No one can guarantee the unfortunate will happen in working hours and we recognize a life may depend on what we have to offer. For this reason, CFS is contactable 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and that means you can get filters from us at any time if essential. Do you know of any other company that can offer that? With most Competitors they either have a central distribution centre, or, the sales engineers are miles from the base, few have keys to the store and most manufacturers do not hold stock, so using CFS for your filtration could offer real benefits.

We hold dedicated stock for customers against predicted usage or call off orders and we manufacture some products as required. By calling 07989 535829 you could have filters on the way to you by courier within hours, any time of night or day.  We obviously prefer sociable hours and it cuts delivery costs but when needs must with CFS you have that option. We do not believe that option exists with any other company. 

Imagine this scenario. A semiconductor water treatment plant stops operation on a Saturday evening before a bank holiday Monday, all filter suppliers are closed. Water tests are required and filter cartridges needed to save a loss of millions of pounds in lost production. The options wait until Monday to start the investigation or use CFS. CFS has responded in just these circumstances maintaining production by the rapid delivery of filters to a plant in the UK whilst all other suppliers were closed. To buy from CFS offers not only the highest quality filtration but a service second to none.

We believe in offering the customer a service and treating our customers as people not just "wage earners" for that reason the number above can be used in emergencies by anyone from semiconductor manufacturers to hospitals.

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