Air Filltration

Quantification of Air quality (laser testing)
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CFS can support all air filtration needs whether that be for Clean room air using HEPA filtration, or, whether it be for room ventilation or compressed air. A call to CFS could save your company money in all areas of filtration. One of the most important aspects of  air filtration is knowing what is in your "air stream" before a filter and what is in it afterwords. Only by testing can real assurance be gained. If you live near a diesel rail station your air quality will be much different to that in the open country and we can test and advise what you have and may need. CFS has purchased the latest laser particle testing equipment available and can measure to 0.3 micron as designated for HEPA filtration. Again why leave anything to chance, most filtration companies offer no technical support capabilities or internal test, CFS takes filtration seriously and leaves nothing to chance. We can test filters at your site if required and provide an analysis of the air quality outside your premises or on the outlet of your HEPA or other filter.

HEPA, HVAC and compressed Air
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Complete Filtration Solutions can provide competitive tenders for all forms of Air filtration from HEPA filtration for critical clean rooms and operating theaters to general ventilation filtration. With nearly 10 years at a senior level for Vokes our staff can offer competitive prices and advice which will save your company money.

In addition our staff have many years of experience in Compressed Air support and filtration and we are likely to be able to cut your filtration costs tremendously.

For all your air filtration needs please contact CFS on 02392 595505 and let us save you and your company for the future.

  Please call and we will be pleased to assist.

Air Panel Filters
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This is the general purpose filter used in most air handling applications. This filter is manufactured specifically for CFS to the highest standards and is not available direct from the manufacturer. This means we can offer both competitive prices and a wealth of experience.  This panel filter is available in a wide rage of sizes with an efficiency up to 98%. We can retrofit systems supplied by Camfil, Vokes, Freudenberg and other well known air panel companies.

Air Filter Bags
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Glass and Synthetic bags with high dust and dirt holding capacity and low resistance to flow. Long life assured and fully Incinerable version also available. These are again made for CFS and can replace all well known makes of filters potentially saving money and backed by an excellent service.

Bag and Panel Efficiency

Grade                           Efficiency  %                    

EN 779    EU                                                                          


     G1      EU1             A < 65

     G2      EU2             65 A < 65

     G3      EU3             80  A < 90

      G4      EU4             90 A

      F5      EU5             40 E < 60

      F6      EU6             60 E < 80

      F7      EU7             80 E < 90

      F8      EU8             90 E 95

      F9      EU9             95 E


New Airgard Type II Baffle Filter
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The New type 2 is a development of customers requesting certain attributes for the Baffle filter the main ones being rolled edges and a frame. Technically it’s the same blade design and spacing as the proven.

Type 3 baffle which still supply but also now available in Stock and Custom sizes but only in 45mm depth as this is required for the filter to operate at a constant efficiency and to protect the system as a flame barrier.
Standard Sizes

Airgard Type III Baffle Filter
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Again for grease retention in cooking the Airgard Type II is available in Aluminium or Stainless steel. Full flow details available on request.

Airgard Type IV metal mesh grease filter
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This filter is available in a wide range of sizes, normally within 3-5 days of order. It is the final filter for grease arrest. Full resistance to flow details etc are available on request.

Type VII Grill
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A new range of Air diffuser is available from CFS for a number of applications including the Heating and Ventilation industry as a grille or diffuser.
Made from a range of materials but only stocked in Stainless Steel in a Dull Polish finish. Other sizes and materials/finishes are available on request.
Free area of the face is 43% with safety edges and a 37mm return to house an Air Filter
of choice (Normally a Glass panel or a Pleated panel).
Longar also has the capability to make any grille, please speak to one of our team for
further information.
Current Sizes:
400(W) x 200(H) x 37(D) mm
750(W) x 200(H) x 37(D) mm
1000(W) x 300(H) x 37(D) mm
1400(W) x 300(H) x 37(D) mm
Tolerances of +/- 2mm apply

Airgard Type VIII Carbon Filter
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¡ High quality carbon
¡ Robust modular construction
¡ High carbon content
¡ Special sizes available on request
¡ Available with handles and seals
¡ Low pressure losses
For a modular approach to fume removal the ACU is the ideal solution. The ACU unit is manufactured from a number of carbon biscuits held in a vee formation within a corrosion proof metal casing. The carbon biscuits inside the units are 25mm thick and are also sealed into the frames using polymer which eliminates the possibility of any air by-pass around the carbon.
Carbon filters are designed to remove fumes and odours and are therefore not able to filter fine particles and dust. If left unprotected, the life of the carbon is severely reduced. To protect the filters use pleated and bag filters to the correct grade; this will depend on the environment.
These are housings which encompass the Activated Carbon Unit along with the Pre-Filtration (such as
Bag/Panel Filters). All housings have a side panel which is removable so that access can be gained easily to replace the filters.
This type of housing is ideal for adding to existing installations such as catering extracts or industrial
ventilation systems.
Options are available depending on the application.
Activated Carbon dates back many years. In the first World War gas masks were filled with activated carbon granules to remove chlorine gas. Today Longar produces a wide range of carbon filters to deal with many noxious fumes and gases, whilst maintaining high levels of strength and low pressure loss.
Major uses of carbon are in areas where toxic or offensive odours need eliminating. For example sewage works,
hospitals, slaughterhouses, restaurant kitchens, airports, toilets, wash rooms, laboratories, office blocks and many more.

Carbon Filterr Housings
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These are Galvanised housings that encompass the Activated Carbon Filters along with Pre- Filtration. The Activated Carbon Filters serve the purpose of filtering smells from all kinds of applications from Commercial Kitchens to Gas Turbines etc, whilst the Pre-Filtration will filter the following:

Filter Removal
Mesh Grease Filter Grease (EU2 50-80% Efficiency)
Glass Panel Filter Grease (EU3 80-90% Efficiency)
Pleated Panel Filter Dust/Mist (EU4 90% Efficiency)
Bag Filter Dust Mist (F5-F8 40-95% Efficiency)
HEPA Filter Smoke Removal (H10 95-99.99% Efficiency)
The above selections of filters are what can be used in conjunction with the Housing and in most
All housings come with a minimum of 1 removable access door in order to remove and inspect the filters, however you can have additional door as required.
External or internal flanges are available and must be specified upon ordering.
We can also manufacture Carbon Filter Panels to fit the housing instead of Carbon Units where access and height maybe an issue.
Sliding Panels or Housed Unit. 20mm Panels or 45mm Panels
Custom Sizes are available on request.
Filter Replacement
This is very much dependent on the number of hours of usage/type of cooking/airflow etc.
Please call for a more accurate replacement indication.
All orders are based on a lead-time of 3-5 weeks from date of order, a forklift with be required.

HEPA Filters (High Efficiency Particle Arrester)
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EN1822 Efficiency H10 H12 H13 H14 EFFICIENCY 95% 99.7%<99.999% 99.99%>99.99% _>99.999+%

High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters,are in the highest range of efficiencies.
They have been specifically developed for the collection of low micron and sub-micron particles.For this reason they are used extensively in the following critical industries to contain contaminant and assist in creating aseptic conditions:
Nuclear Establishments
Clean Rooms
Pharmaceutical Production
Injectable Production
Film Production
Deep Pleat Hepa Filters
CFS offer the complete range of deep-pleated HEPA Filters,in addition to recognised ‘standard’ sizes and standard materials available generally.
Many critical clean air installations are in use today, requiring specialist help from our design department.
High Flow Rates - The ability to handle the large air volumes and high air velocities
encountered in modern air handling systems.
Low pressure drop - By optimisation of the filter design, the lowest possible pressure
drop at these high flow rates.
High Efficiency - Guarantee high efficiencies and maintain these values across a
wide range of high flow rates by utilising a large filter media surface that will allow
sufficiently low velocities in the media to be obtained.
Compact size - We can provide a range of unit sizes that will allow the treatment of
these higher flow rates whilst industry standard sizes.
Service Life and pre-filters
The service life of the Airgard Type 17 depending on the air flow rate, final resistance and dust concentration in the air supply. Operating costs can be reduced through the use of effective pre-filtering.
Using low grade pre-filtering will only marginally extend the life of the HEPA filters however, if finer pre-filters are used then it is possible to increase the service life considerably. It is not unusual to add several years to the service life through the use of an effective pre-filter.
As a guide good pre-filter should have a minimum dust spot efficiency of 80-85%(F7) and preferably 93-97%(F8) in conformance with ASHRAE 52-76 (EN779).
Only the highest quality materials are used in the production of high efficiency air Filters.
Deep pleated filters and mini pleats use the finest quality filter media available from the
worlds major manufacturers. All medias are water repellent anfd treated with an
anti~fungicide solution.
Careful selection of the appropriate media for each filter type provides a product range to
meet the most stringent application requirements.
Information on all components is contained in the relevant technical data sheet issued for
each product.
A choice of either Electro-Zinced Steel or Medium Density Fibreboard framework is

HEPA Filter efficiency

Grade                                                  Efficiency  %              Eurovent 4/4                               

EN 1822                        EU                 @ 0.3micron                  BS3928



H10                               EU10                Em  ³  95                  95     E1  <  99.9

H11                               EU11                    Em  ³  98                   99.9     E1  <  99.97

H12                               EU12                Em  ³  99.99              99.97     E1  <  99.99

H13                               EU13                Em  ³  99.997            99.99     E1  <  99.9999

H14                               EU14                Em  ³  99.999            99.999     E1  

H15                                      EU15                    Em  ³  99.9995                         


Clean Room Standards

Clean rooms are tested to certain standards and CFS can test your clean room and give you guidance as to what standard your room may be. The following is the standard required for specific applications:

Class1           maximum of 3 particles per cubic foot at 0.3 micron & 1 at 0.5 micron   used for semiconductor production   

Class 10        maximum of 30 particles per cubic foot  at 0.3 micron and 10 at 0.5 micron      

Class 100       maximum of 300 particles per cubic foot at 0.3 micron and 100 at 0.5 micron    used for photo labs etc

Class 1000.    maximum of 1000 particles per cubic foot  at 0 .5 micron    

Class 10,000   maximum of 10,000  particles per cubic foot at 0.5 micron used for operating theaters               

Compressed Air and gas filters

CFS can provide alternatives to all compressed air and gas filters as well as Refrigerant dryers and desiccant dryers. Our employees have direct experience of supplying both capital equipment and consumables in this market and can offer major savings in all areas.

If you use compressed air filters from domnick hunter, Ultrafilter, Donaldson, Atlas Copco, Hydrovane, Compair or any other supplier I am sure we can save you money and provide and equivalent high quality alternative.

If you need sterile filtration we can provide that for any application from Pharmaceutical through to Beverage.

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