Bio Diesel

Bio Diesel Filtration

There is a huge interest in producing bio diesel due to the reduced cost of the diesel produced, but get it wrong and the cost could be much much higher than expected particularly if you are using used oil!

There is much interest in resin towers but resins have limitations, imagine the following:

1      A resin works normally via adsorption, it adsorbs glycerol and water but if the surface of the resin beads is coated with a foreign substance will that adsorption work? With used oils if no pre filtration is used the resin may quickly become ineffective.

2     A resin tower relies for filtration on the depth of the media, without a dedicated filter no guarantee of the removal efficiency can be gained. The dirt loading, amount of  foreign substances etc all affect th filtration.

Diesel Engine Needs

The modern diesel engine needs several ingredients to run efficiently. It is manufactured to exacting tolerances, crankshafts balanced, bores and rings made with the finest precision. Oils for lubrication are described by some as "liquid engineering" which today is so very true. Purity is the key in all stages of manufacture. Remember the days when engines lasted just 60,000 miles but today a modern diesel will run to 400,000 miles and beyond if serviced well.

The key to running a good vehicle is cleanliness, the air filter ensures clean air is used and drawn into the engine. The oil filter ensures the oil is filtered to remove particles which could wear the engine, the fuel from the garage is pure and particle free, this all ensures the pistons have minimal wear, valves work efficiently and injectors give a good spray without blockage.

Protect your car and that of the people who use your Bio Diesel

Cartridge filtration is in our opinion the only way to guarantee the quality of your Bio Diesel. Imagine the cost of a new engine for your car at £4000 or £5000 this makes the cost of a filter in the production process well worth the small investment and you can be assured of the quality of your final Bio Diesel.

Remember any particle below 40 micron is below the threshold of vision and the aim is to have 1 micron or better filtration for Bio Diesel, only with absolute rated filters can this be achieved. Don''t leave your engine life to "chance", don''t fill your tank with anything but pure fuel and call CFS for help in your Bio Diesel filtration. 

Points to note with Bio Diesel

Before you look towards Bio Diesel be aware that not all cars are able to run on Bio Diesel. Bio Diesel is a far more aggressive solvent than fossil fuel  diesel and so will perish and soften any hoses or pipes or seals made from rubber. Any seals or pipes of this type should be changed for compatible units.

It should also be noted that fuel filter blockage can occur with bio diesel more readily, so filtration is of the highest importance in production of the bio diesel . Even with the highest degree of filtration the bio diesel will move sludge into the fuel filter and can block it initially . After a time of use the blockage of the car fuel filter should clear.

Please also be aware that Bio diesel, if used alone, will solidify at 0 deg C and so tank warmers etc may be required. Please also check, your warranty and manufacturers warranty may be invalidated by the use of bio diesel.

If your car is compatible, if your warranty is OK, we can ensure your bio diesel is crystal clear and particles will be of the lowest level so reducing wear in all areas. Call us for help or advice.


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