Borehole Water

Borehole Water

Borehole Water can be an effective way of gaining water for both industrial and domestic use but treatment of some kind is both desirable and often essential for safety and clean looking water.

Water from a borehole can hold both the good and the bad from the neighbourhood surrounding it. A borehole through rock is likely to be clear to the sight and the rock act as a filter in itself. Water passing through clay, coal or even disused mines may contain contaminants which may make the water look contaminated.

Other aspects to consider are:

1.     Is the area surrounding the area used for animals?

2.     Has the land nearby been used for waste disposal of any type?

If the land has sheep or cattle grazing, or animals of any other type then E Coli or Cryptosporidium Parvum need to be considered. Please remember Cryptosporidium can only be guaranteed to be removed by dedicated filtration and Coliforms need membrane4 filtration ideally to remove the bug and avoid pathogenic responses even from dead bugs.


CFS can provide a solution to particle removal and microbial protection, all we need is the desired flowrate.We can recommend a system for you based on the testing of a water sample  which we would perform free of charge on the understanding any filters needed are purchased from CFS. Each test has a cost of over £200 normally.


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