CFS News

Sally Thompson joins CFS as Sales Manager

CFS is proud to anounce that as of April 2015 Sally Thompson has joined CFS as Sales Mmanager. Sally and the Managing Director Derek Baker have worked togther in the past at both Vokes and Porvair and togther have over 50 years experience in all aspects filtration. Sally brings experience in manufacturing and production as well as a wealth of experience in customer applications. Her knowlede extends to cover all aspects of customer requirements as well as OEM supply, filter performance, validation and competative costings. It is great for the "team" to be back together and I am sure we can support customers who know Sally of old for the future with fully validated and tested products of the highest quality. Please call Sally at CFS if you are a customer who knows her.

Number 1 for quality and Service

In our attempt to make customer confidence even greater in January 2014 we employed one of the best Quality control assesors in the country to review our procedures. The result is we are installing a complete new stock control and operating system which will be operating in the next few months. Our newly appointed General Manager who comes from a Quality driven background has full control over all aspects of what goes out the door. We wish Janice Harris every success and happiness in the new position.

CFS top Graver distributor for 2011

Complete Filtration Solutions has yet again becoem the top performing distributor for  Graver Technologies for 2011 beating major suppliers and OEM purchases from Graver for the top slot. CFS offers more than just filter sales and is a manufacturer and technical support company as well as distributor. This makes us unique! We would like to thank our loyal customers and hope we can report the same position for the end of 2012

CFS Motor Racing

CFS Motor Racing in 2014 is in its 3rd year of running .

Fred Heath from Purbrook in Hampshire is riding the 2014 Suzuki RMZ450 in the Scott Nationals and 1989 Honda CR500 machines in the  Dave Thorpe evo series. All machines are CFS owned.

Riley Lowe from the Southampton area is also riding a CFS Suzuki RMZ450 in the Scott Nationals and his own Yamaha YZ250 under CFS colours in the Dave Thorpe Evo.

All race venues which promote CFS are listed at

Good Luck to both riders in 2014

July 2011 sees expansion and increased sales

July 2011 and we approach the end of another financial year. During a year which suffered an economic downturn CFS has seen the order book grow by over 30% on the previous year. The result is that we will in the next few months take Unit 2 as well as 3 on the main production site and maintain the other two storage units as well. Our communication systems has also been improved as the number of calls and conversations increase and we are installing state of the art telecommunication systems to maintain the professionalism and speed of response to our customers. Thank you to all our customers for the support.

UFS and CFS Group Exclusive Duistributor for AMC Membrane filters

 UFS part of the CFS Group is now the excusive supplier of membrane products for the UK and Ireland for American Membrane Corporation offereing a  complete range of liquid membrane products from fully validated sterile grade memebrane filters through to filters for the food and beverage industry with pre filtration layers also incorporated. If quality and savings are important then please giove us a call. 

Prestigious "Creditrate" approval for CFS

CFS has been awarded the Creditrate Shield of approval which is awarded to companies with an excellent credit rating and a proven track record in business. Some very large well known corporations do not qualify for this award but you can be assured that dealing with Suppliers with the Creditsafe Shield gives the customer  confidence that their supplier is financially secure and here for the long term future. Companies with this award are generally free from financial  restraints which may affect your supply. This is one more very good reason why CFS should be your filtration supplier for the future.

Complete Filtration Solutions Gravers Number 1 distributor again for 2010 in Europe

Complete Filtration Solutions is proud to announce that in 2010 it has once again won the top spot as the highest performing distributor in Europe for its Major supplier, Graver Technologies. CFS supplies all process industries with Graver Products ranging from Food and Beverage to Pharmaceutical manufacture, water treatment, chemical production and Electronics and semiconductor and 2010 has seen record sales in what has been a very very difficult year. I would like to thank all at Graver for their support as well as our customers and staff and we will aim to make 2011 another record year by making even more customers happy with our service support and savings.  CFS can cover the entire spectrum of filtration for liquids and gases from the control of microbes, bacteria and  yeast  to clarification and purification of a very wide range of liquids and gases. Our laboratory and constant push for improvement in all ways will I hope see success in 2011. Thansk you again to all concerned

CFS/UFS expansion into additional premesis

CFS and UFS have due to increased demand for storage taken additional larger premesis with lorry and van access for loading and unloading. Our main office remains the same but we now operate from 3 seperate bases which means we have more stability and have spread the risk factor should one base be lost for any reason.

CFS asked to join the British Food and Beverage Suppliers Association (BFBI)

CFS is proud to have been asked to join the BFBI  and is recognised as a suppliuer of high quality filtration to the food and beverage sector in particlar Brewing.

Ultimate Filtration Solutions

Complete Filtration SolutionsLtd is pleased to announce that Ultimate Filtration Solutions Ltd has joined the group. UFS Ltd will provide the manufactring expertise desired and the full range of products is available through UFS if desired.

Graver Contract extended for the foreseeable future.

Complete Filtration Solutions is proud to announce that following 5 years of unbelievable success in promoting Graver Products into the UK and Ireland, the exclusive contract has been renewed with a commitment to CFS for the future not in years but decades. CFS is Graver Technologies largest stocking distributor in Europe serving England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland as well as supporting Graver in other areas of Europe.CFS is proud to promote such a major producer of filters of the highest quality into Europe based on honesty, quality and the highest ethics for the future.

Further expansion of CFS Group

CFS has expanded the group to include the aquasition of a third site and additional trading company. The CFS group of companies can now provide a full package of process filters at excellent prices with  a selection manufactured at our premesis.

CFS takes on additional Premises

Due to continued steady growth, CFS has invested in an additional manufacturing and storage facility to support our customers'' needs. Service and support are "key" to customer needs and after 2 years at the new base the time is right to acquire a second operational base.   

Simon Fry Leaves CFS

Simon Fry left the employ of CFS in June 2010 after approx 8 months with CFS. We wish him well in obtaining alternative employment. Report date 1 November 2010

Simon Fry joins CFS as "Filtration Science Manager"

CFS is pleased to announce that Simon Fry has joined CFS as "Filtration Science Manager". In this time of instability more and more knowledgeable people are being lost from filtration. Simon joins CFS with a long personal connection with the management team as well as invaluable experience in Pharmaceutical Manufacture, Wine and Spirit production, Brewing and more than 12 years in the actual filtration sector. Simon is a qualified chemist and comes to CFS after a short but very successful period in water treatment. Derek and Val are pleased to welcome Simon to the team hoping the success he has shown in the past can be repeated.

Amazon Filtration "A" fit end cap added to range
Image 1

CFS is proud to be able to now offer a retrofit to the Amazon A end fitting, incorporating 224 seals. This end fitting can be offered on the LIquapure range as well as the Graver range meaning those people who may have been restricted in their supplier choice can now obtain replacement filters from CFS. CFS is a "forward thinking" organisation putting our customers first and the new addition here gives the customer more choice and freedom.  

Finance and Lease Purchase available

CFS can now offer the option of "Lease Purchase" for filter housings and hardware and the inital filtration fill of consumables.

To save on the large expenditure we can offer and low cost option with the following sample rates for each £1,000 of the value of the goods.

These are sample rates only. CFS carries a full Office of Fair Trading licence to enable financial services to be offered.

36 months:

1 plus 35: £34.69
3 plus 35: £32.64
48 months:
1 plus 47: £27.10
3 plus 47: £25.83
60 months:
1 plus 59: £22.57
3 plus 59: £21.68


GR or twin "020" end fitting addition to range
Image 1

CFS is proud to anounce we can now offer the Liquapure A and Graver range of filter cartridges with the "020"  retrofit end fitting. This end fitting is for those customers who have two "BS 020" seals on the spigot of their plastic housings and the cartridge pushes up onto the seals. This fitting is still common in water treatment applications and in Semiconductor companies so CFS has decided it is important to add this option to the range.

This end fitting is often difficult to find with competitors, so  please call CFS and we will help you in any way we can. Service and quality are everything and we aim to offer both and a lot lot more.

CFS team grows once again

CFS is pleased to anounce that it has increased its employee count by one more with a person who is one of the most experienced in filtration with over 12 years experience in process and air filtration sectors. This gain strengthens CFS''s ability to serve and support our customers for the long term future.

CFS Success in Europe

As CFS moves into 2009 we wish all our customers a happy and prosperous new year. Already in this new year CFS is proud to have gained two major contracts in Europe for the design and supply of  major new Bottled Water production lines including  "multi stage" stainless steel housings and absolute rated filtration. These contracts were gained in the face of strong competition  from companies many regard as the "world leaders" in this field. CFS has shown both technical advantage, quality and savings and we would like to thank those involved for these orders.

Company Growth

CFS has achieved growth in 2007/2008 which can only be attributed to the loyal customers we have. We would like to thank all those who now purchase their filtration equipment from CFS and hope we can offer everything you may need for the future.

Even in these difficult economic times CFS is  still achieving record growth far in excess of our predictions (2008 /2009). This again shows that the savings and products we provide give major benefits to our clients and we can offer a total filtration package including liquid and air/gas filters. We always recognise that the customer is the most important person and  we wish to thank all our customers for their support now and for the future.

As unemployment heads towards 2M in November 2008  those who buy from CFS can be assured of a secure supply of filters for the future. 

Van Delivery capability
Image 1

CFS now has its own van delivery capability. For the larger deliveries it is more cost effective and quicker to deliver using our own transport rather than use couriers. It also means in times of emerency we can deliver when others are not available. This sets CFS once again head and shoulders above the competition another reason why CFS should be a serious contender to support your filtration needs.

CFS Welcomes Alexis Cleverley

Complete FIltration Solutions LImited is pleased to welcome Alexis Cleverley to the team. Alexis returns to work after a family break and brings a wealth of experience gained in the financial and legal sectors. Alexis joins CFS as the office manager.

CFS awarded sole and exclusive distribution rights for filtri clean technica

CFS has been awarded the prestigious exclusive rights to distribute the filtri clean technica vessel range in the UK and Ireland. FCT has been in operation since 1968 and was one of the original and most highly regarded and respected manufactures of high quality vessels. FCT have supplied to other well known filter vessel companies in the the UK in the past (selling under their own name), but today  what is regarded by many as the best is only available from CFS in the UK and Ireland. Technical superiority can be demonstrated in many areas compared to the competition.

CFS Aquires Aquarius Filters Limited Business

Complete Filtration Solutions Limited is pleased to announce the acquisition of the UK business interests of Aquarius Filters Limited. Aquarius Filters Limited has operated for some years in South Wales supplying a range of filter cartridges and housings as well as associated equipment to the domestic and industrial sectors. CFS would like to welcome the new customers.

We would like to welcome all customers of Aquarius Filters Ltd. to Complete Filtration Solutions Limited and hope we can support all your old filtration requirements as well as possibly some new ones. 

Graver Technologies

Complete Filtration Solutions is Graver Technologies largest European Distributor for both 2007 and 2008 taking the world renown name of Graver into the UK filtration sector in a big way. Graver is a company producing the highest quality of filtration products, with the highest degree of test and validation. Users of Graver products do so with the knowledge that the worlds leading authorities in filtration have been involved in their production. The heads of Marketing and Production at Graver have come from Pall in the USA and brought a wealth of experience and knowledge which combined with the unique attributes of Graver make the product a world leader. CFS is unique with laboratory support and one of the most comprehensive intellectual databases of experience in filtration available in the UK. With growth of 65% in 2007 CFS is already looking to achieve similar or increased growth in 2008 / 2009 with the aim to maintain our customers requirements and needs in a friendly efficient manner always. Please call us at any time and we will be happy to asses your total filtration needs also.

All Industries Supplied

CFS is pround in 2009 to supply all sectors of industry from Pharmaceutical manufacture to Electronics and Semiconductor, general chemical, ink manufacture, Ultrapure Water and Food and Beverage. All sectors  in the UK use Graver Technologies filters following tests and trials which have been 100% successful. New customers can use Graver filters from CFS with confidence they are already used in their sector in the UK as well as accross the world. 

Power Process Ltd

Regretably CFS will no longer be supplying Power Process Ltd with filtration equipment for resale. Power Process Ltd was last operating from 26A St Marys Road Bellshill ML4 3HS and at the time of this news release was run by Justin and Gilllian Keeper. Any customer of Power Process who purchased Graver or process filters from them is requested to call CFS direct who we will be more than happy to assist.

HFU replacement deal signed

CFS is pleased to announce it is now an official distributor for the larger diameter filters promoted by some companies. CFS can offer filters of the highest quality with true Beta 5000 removal efficiencies. What ever your current supplier CFS can help and potentially save money in terms of life and safety as well as unit cost.

Total Customised filters for OEM suppliers or re sellers

CFS is believed the first company in the UK able to supply filters to re sellers with the re sellers part number, and even if desired phone number on the actual filter. This process adds nothing to the filter meaning extractables are not affected but provides a clear way of identifying the filter and suppler once the filter is removed from the sleeve. Within reason anything can be put on the filter for a customer.