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Complete Filtration Services Ltd. (CFS) is the market leader in integrity testing of membrane filters Hampshire.
We offer a complete testing service for all membrane filters from any supplier or manufacturer, and we provide a certificate of integrity upon completion for your peace of mind.
CFS also offers a "total ownership" solution where we can both supply and test the membrane filters that your business needs.
Why Is Integrity Testing Essential?
Is integrity testing of membrane filters Hampshire so essential? In short, the answer is yes.
Firstly, it might shock you to learn that some membrane filter producers make filtration claims without having the test equipment to back up what they say. That means it's anyone's guess as to the level of filtration actually provided.
Secondly, specific filtration is a must for many industries such as the three examples below:
Food And Beverage Industries
Many brands in the food and beverage industries require membrane filters for cryptosporidium protection.
Cryptosporidium is a disease found in water that causes diarrhoea, so it's essential to filter out such illness-inducing organisms during food and beverage production.
At CFS, our integrity testing of membrane filters Hampshire helps your brand avoid having any risky production processes.
Electronics And Semiconductor Industries
Do you operate a business within the electronics and semiconductor industries? If so, it's crucial that your brand keeps its reject rate low to ensure high efficiency and low wastage.
When you produce items like electronic devices or wafers, part of your production processes will involve filtering raw materials. Therefore, your entire manufacturing process will likely have little to no room for error.
Let CFS help you eliminate the guesswork of your filtration by testing and evaluating your membrane filters.
Pharmaceutical Industry
Another industry example where having precise membrane filtration is essential is within pharmaceuticals.
As you can appreciate, there must be no room for error when producing medicine as any mistakes during the manufacturing process could result in catastrophic consequences.
Thankfully, you can rely on CFS to provide you with proof that your membrane filters are doing their job properly. All our tests meet USP and CFR 21 standards.
State-Of-The-Art Laboratory
You don't want to guess if your membrane filters are working as advertised, and that's why integrity testing of membrane filters Hampshire from CFS is so important.
We've heavily invested in our testing equipment and procedures, and we're proud to say that we have testing capabilities that surpass those of UK membrane filter manufacturers.
In-House Or On-Site Testing
The majority of our integrity testing gets carried out at our premises. However, for an extra fee, we can visit your premises and test your membrane filters on-site.
Such unparalleled flexibility by CFS means you can concentrate on growing your business while we take care of all your integrity testing requirements.
Why Use CFS?
For almost four decades, our membrane filter integrity testing experts have helped countless businesses and organisations across the UK ensure their manufacturing and production processes are safe and comply with all legislative regulations.
Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you.

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