Cleaning of Metalic FIlters

Filter Cleaning
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CFS can offer a cleaning service for any type of metal filter, whether it be sintered powder or pleated metal or fibre. The majority of filters contain just oxidisation when they have been used for steam filtration and here CFS can offer an unbeatable service and price.

If you have any filters which need cleaning give CFS a call and see what we can do to help you. All filters carry a full report and for those past redemption we can offer an excellent replacment service also. The photograph to the left shows a typical filter as we received it heavy with oxidisation.

The Cleaned filter
Image 1

The picture to the left is the same filter after cleaning using a scientific process which treats the filter with the utmost care. No mechanical force is used to clean the filter which could damage the filter in any way and the filters shown were cleaned at CFS. The filters are 100% inspected and returned with a report. The cleaning process can take 3-4 days for each filter but the saving over the purchase of a new filter is enormous.

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