Help and Advice with no Obligation

CFS offers advice on filtration based on knowing the industries and applications in which our customers work. You may work in, Pharmaceutical Manufacture, Food or Beverage production, Electronics or Semiconductor production, Chemical production, Water Treatment, hospitals or a wide range of other applications. We at CFS can offer a full review and report on your filtration and advise improvements or changes or advise what you have is already the best if applicable. We aim to make the link between technology,knowledge and commercial benefits.

It may be that you would like advice on your application with no potential purchase. It may be that you want test work in our laboratory  again with no purchase, or, it may be you want us to review your filtration and report alone and CFS is also happy to offer these services.

We are happy to outline the framework of any  test , review or report and provide a full written document on the findings together with a recommendation. If you want to undertake any recommendations again that option is available if desired.

It is likely that the cost of our  work can be recouped in the savings or technical improvements recommended. Even if we perform a full review and then agree you have the best available already you will have confirmation of that fact an peace of mind but in 9 out of 10 cases major savings can be suggested.

Only personnel at CFS has the combined experience gained in the development and building of critical filter production plants together  with the experience of providing water to every warship in the Royal Navy. We deal on a daily basis with filtering products we all use in our every day life from Mineral and Spring water to ink jet ink, chemicals and even the removal of bacteria and gardia cysts an viruses.

We often find technlogy has progressed since a filter was fitted, often years ago. We find filter fitted may be an "overkill" for what is desired, we generally can show ways of saving money for the future. 

If you have a problem we can review it and recommend for you on a pure consultancy basis if desired, or we can recommend our filtration solutions as well the choice is yours.

Please contact us for help and advice.