Corona Virus

CFS is a UK producer of filters and all components used are checked and assured safe microbiologically in the best ways we can. All goods are checked for the time in transit from all parts of the world to ensure safety of our customers.

CFS and assurance of safety with Covid-19

CFS has undergone a full risk assesement with regard to Covid-19 to ensure the safety of all staff and customers to the best of our ability. A full written documentation has been prepared and all staff are made aware of requirements with regard to social distancing etc. We ask at this time that no visitors come to CFS offices unannounced and we have full capabilities for conference calling as well as the latest televsion advertised Hi-Hi system. All goods supplied have passed the time from arrival that Covid 19 is expected to survive on the surfaces. For additional details please contact CFS.

Our offices are operating as close to normal as possible

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