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Domestic Water in the Home
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CFS can help with a range of domestic filter systems providing water to the same standard of filtration as bottled water you may buy in a restaurant or supermarket. CFS already supplies many companies who bottle spring and mineral water and for a relatively low cost, if desired, we can supply filters which can remove chlorine and bacteria from water. Cryptosporidium parvum is a parasite which can live in water and we can provide validated filtration to protect your home, hotel, restaurant etc. Any Care or Nursing home without this filtration could literally be risking lives should an outbreak occur.

Pure Water in the home

Water has many uses in the home from feeding the Ice cube machine, to drinking and washing. Water forms a high percentage of the human body and as such the higher the purity the better. Potable water or water suitable for human consumption from the tap may not be deemed to a level you would desire. If you want water which is free from particulates and filtered to remove bacteria, not just kill it, we can provide that standard for you.

Did you know that dead bacteria can form pyrogens? Did you know that pyrogens can cause a fever in the human body even from a dead bacteria? total removal of bacteria if desired is the best option. If your water supply comes from a bore hole this is even more important.

Drinking Water at Home

Drinking water whether at home or in the office can be as pure as you wish. Filtration can remove all particulates down to 0.05 micron if you so desire, but microbial removal down to 0.45 micron will safeguard against cryptosoridium, E Coli etc but it must be with membrane filtration dedicated to this purpose. What is more precious than your partner, your children, your mother and father. Filtration will remove suspended organisms and particulates but not remove dissolved solids. Carbon filters will remove chlorine but beware because water with chlorine removed no longer has the chemical designed to reduce bacteria and any bacteria that get in after that point could thrive. Here again we can help and recommend here again for you .

Help and Advice

If you live in a hard water area you may need a scale reduction filter to help reduce the scale build up in shower heads, kettles etc. Filtered water will leave less contamination on washed cars, washed surfaces and windows. We can offer advice and help on the maintenance of your filter, advise how to sanitise them and kill any bacteria collected. Carbon is a good  filter but it can also be a good breeding area for bacteria so a good combination of filters is essential.

If you suffer with heavy metals in your water, such as lead, we can provide filters to reduce the lead content


CFS for both Domestic and Industrial Filtration

CFS already supplies filtration to a wide range of companies' who I am sure you know well from your supermarket shelves. However, we are happy to offer the same degree of service to a young mother at home wanting to help protect her children. We are happy to help a hospital, elderly care home or nursing home. We are happy to help the man who simply wants to protect his car paintwork with filtered water. Why have a filter jug when you could have filtered water in the house supplying everything you need, and probably each liter of water will cost a fraction of what it would cost with a water jug. Remember also that water jugs are open to the atmosphere and air is notorious for the bugs it carries. Fitting filters at home must be the best option!

We have laboratories to help you if required and for CFS no job is too big and no job is too small and every customer is important!

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