Dry Compressed Air

Dry Compressed air
Desicant Air Dryer

The personnel at CFS have experience in compressed air systems going back to 1984 and we can offer advice and guidance as well as supply equipment which will comply with the UK Compressed air and transportaabloe gas regulations 1989. Our staff have dealt with and supply equipment from the worlds number one compressor manufacturer.

 Dry Air is essential to any compressed air system and this should be incorporated with filtration. Compressed air is corrosive when compressed oil and water are incorporated, and gallons upon gallons of water can be removed from air when compressed. It all comes down to the "dew point" and a refrigerant dryer will give a 2 degree C dew point if run as recommended, a desiccant dryer will give a -40 dew point. Ok so what does this mean?  A 2 degree dew point is fine if every part of your compressed air system is indoors and inside a nicely heated room. In this case sufficient water will be removed by a refrigerant dryer to ensure no more water "drops out" as the air will not fall below this temperature. However, if your pipe work runs outside at any point the pipe will cool below the 2 degrees C and moisture will drop out. As our winters become colder the demand for dryers which will remove moisture to -40 will increase and CFS can supply desiccant dryers to suit your requirements. With a +30 degree inlet temperature our dryers will supply air with a -40 deg C dew point. The system can be supplied if required to give a -70 deg C dew point. Please let us know what air flow you need and we will recommend for you. Standard desicant units run from 5 CFS to 100 cfm


Refrigerant Cryers

CFS can supply a full range of refrigerant dryers to handle flow rates from 8 cfm to 506 cfm @ 7 bar as stock items but larger units are available up to 9680 cfm. This unit should always be run in conjunction with a set of filters and an oil water separator all of which CFS can supply.  Please call CFS for all your compressed air dryer, filter and separator requirements.

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