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Fast Deliveries
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CFS works with UK leading companies in courier deliveries and can offer a next day delivery, normally via Business Post or UK Mail . We charge cost price for this plus the cost of packing making it one of the cost effective delivery methods.

For times outside normal working hours we also employ couriers who operate at weekends and during holidays and our stores can be accessed to get your filters 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

We also believe in helping the environment where we can and filtration goes a long way towards that goal. We also, where possible, use motorcycles for transport, offering a rapid delivery of small items. Cutting on the congestion on UK roads and the valuable resources engines consume. A motorcycle takes less than 1/4 the space a car occupies on the road and will give many more mile for every gallon.

All our riders are Institute of Advanced Motorists qualified and one  has over 34 years experience including instruction to advanced level having worked along side Hampshire Constabulary. 

Van Delivery
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CFS now also has its own van delivery capability to offer a cost effective alternative to the larger delivery rather than use couriers. This, once again, sets CFS head and shoulders above the competition.This also means we can deliver at times others are not available, if required. 

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