Filters that Fit

Do you have a housing made only to take one manufacturers filter? We can get you out of that Trap!!

Firstly and most importantly CFS will only supply you with filters and housings which can be retrofit in an emergency by another manufacturer. This is a very important factor many do not adhere to.

Several well known manufacturers of filter housings have taken a strategic decision to manufacture filter housings knowing only their filters will fit, this action can have the gravest consequences to the customer. If a customer buys a filter housing from say company "A"  which will only take the filter they produce, and that company were then to be burned to the ground where would their customer go for filters in future? In essence it could cost thousands of pounds in lost production, or even jobs and reputations. They can also change their product specification or quality and you are tied to buy whatever they make, is that what you may want?

The way companies make sure you only buy their filters is by making the fitting an unusual size or making an inner restriction when the filter is fitted. The standard fitting is normally with a 222 seal or a 226 seal but one company makes a 224 seal fitting. To buy a housing taking an unusual seal size may seem attractive initially but then one is over the "corporate barrel" meaning prices can be dictated for replacement cartridges. You are also limited as technical advances may be available from other companies but they will not fit your housing.

Another trick is to supply what is thought to be a standard code 7 housing (twin 226 / fin) but when one attempts to fit another manufacturers filter it will not locate due to an inner core restriction. CFS deplores this action and would never advocate binding a customer to one supplier. You never know what the future holds. Filter housings from CFS will always take any standard fitting cartridge! Buy from CFS and the purchase should be worry free.

The answer is not to get caught in this trap but if you are there then we can break you free at little cost. Beware of companies who give free filters with a housing, it could be a trap! 

The Answer!

CFS has the engineering capability to provide you with an adaptor to covert your unusual fitting filter cartridge to a standard fitting available from the worlds leading and most technologically advanced filter producers. 

We can provide low or no cost adaptors in Polypropylene or Nylon or even at minimal cost 316L stainless steel which will convert almost any fitting to a standard fit. This means you may be able to drive your filter costs down and move away from a company who may have tried to tie you to them possibly without your initial knowledge.

CFS is here to help you, CFS is here to set your choices free and provide a service others will find very hard to match. 

Amazon "A" end fitting is added to CFS range
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Filter cartridges are offered in different micron ratings, filter medias, end fittings and lengths, however, if one has a filter housing which will only take filters from one or a very small number of suppliers this can cause potential headaches for the customer.

Not only is one restricted to the products from that supplier but progressions in technology may not be available from other suppliers, their filters not fitting the housings purchased. Standard end fittings have been the 226 seal, and the 222 seal which are produced by the majority of filter cartridge suppliers, but, we have seen the 224 seal in some "key" customers recently. CFS has opened the door to technically enhanced and competitive range of filter products for them with this addition.

CFS is now able to offer the twin 224 seal filter end fitting meaning the Graver range and liquapure range is now available to all those who have been restricted in their filter cartridge supplier choice in the past.

Please contact CFS with your existing filter details and we will compare both technically and commercially what  we can offer for the future.

GR end fitting added to range
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CFS is proud to anounce we can now offer the Liquapure A and Graver range of filter cartridges with the "020"  retrofit end fitting. This end fitting is for those customers who have two "BS 020" seals on the spigot of their plastic housings and the cartridge pushes up onto the seals. This fitting is still common in water treatment applications and in Semiconductor companies so CFS has decided it is important to add this option to the range.

This end fitting is often difficult to find with competitors, so  please call CFS and we will help you in any way we can. Service and quality are everything and we aim to offer both and a lot lot more.

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