Food and Beverage Filtration

Food and Beverage Filtration

Mineral and Spring Water   

CFS already supplies some of the UK's best known and most prestigious mineral and Spring water bottlers in the UK. We are confident we can supply a total filtration system or replace filters you may currently be buying, offering you both technical comparisons as well as advantages and savings.

We offer knowledge gained by working in your industry, we offer full laboratory support and the ability to incorporate CFS into your QA procedures and we offer filters from Graver Technologies backed by full support and validation.

We can offer filtration to guard against Crypotosporidium. We can offer filters to protect against E Coli. We can offer filters to remove all bacteria, but we can also advise what you can and can not do for your mineral water status.

We offer only qualified people to help you, whether you have a small bottling plant or one of the largest in the country.

If you tell us the flow rate at which you want to bottle, we will give you a recommendation on the system you need. Whoever you buy filters from at this time we guarantee you will never regret contacting CFS for a price and recommendation.

All filters are FDA approved (Food and Drugs Administration) and membranes carry full validation.


Large and Micro Breweries

CFS can provide a total filtration solution to breweries both large and small, and for those producing keg or cask beers. Each stage of brewing requires both liquids, liquors, or gases of the highest quality and CFS and Graver Technologies can provide a filtration package to suit your requirements. Only by the use of the highest quality filters and membranes can quality be assured. Only the use of filters produced to  ISO 9001 can you rest knowing your last batch of prodution is secure. The wrong filtration can mean bottles exploding, poor beer quality or even the loss of your livelihood and reputation, let CFS help you through the minefield in a friendly and safe way.

From the raw liquor stage, quality is important, We can guarantee whatever the source of your liquor, it is free from yeast as well as micro organisms like E. Coli or Cryptosporidium. We can provide the most economical long term solution to quality control.

Cartridge filtration provides the optimum control of PVPP or Diatamaceuous Earth or even following sheet filtration where fibre release may be a potential problem. Only via the use of FDA approved cartridge filtration can the bright beer be protected in the case of a "break through" again let us help you in the optimisation of your system to save both money and provide that all important quality guarantee.

Final Beer filtration is basically down to the life you need for that beer. If your beer will be drunk within hours the final filtration quality is less critical, However, if the beer is bottled for months or years fermentation in the bottle must be avoided and filtration is the key. CFS can unlock all your problems and provide the solution.

For gases such as Carbon dioxide, air and Nitrogen CFS can provide the assurance the gas is sterile by critical membrane filtration using Gore membrane from Graver Technolgies in the Tef Tec filter.

Wine Production

Red and White Wine Production

Filtration in wine production can make the difference beween a good profitable business with a good wine and total failure. CFS offers both pre filters for yeast removal and final microbial membranes of the highest quality which are validated for the removal of the organisms required.

Yeast removal is imperative and filters are tested with Sacchoromyces cerevisiae at 0.65 micron to give total removal but it may be that you want total protection against aceta bacta or laco bacilus and again we can provide the assurance only experience can provide.

The Graver range of beverage grade filters provides pre filtration and clarification, yeast removel and microbial stabilisation of the highest standard.

We can provide laboratory support via CFS and instruction in integrity testing and procedures.

Food Production

All food whether cooked or fresh that has water added without cooking or treatment should have that water filtered to assure the quality of that water. This can apply to salad which is washed, drinks which are mixed, foods where water is added as a sauce or uncooked ingredient.

Most major Food retail stores in the UK now insist that filtration to protect against Cryptospridium is a minimum requirement ,CFS can provide a total assurance that your product is safe should an outbreak occur. Remember Chlorine will not kill cryptosporidium at normal levels and 1 micron absolute rated filtration (99.98% Beta 5000) is the only real guarantee of protection.

If you need even greater quality assurance we can provide the assurance of total bacterial removal with 0.2 micron membrane filtration.

CFS can also offer a quality assurance via our laboratory

We can provide laboratory support via CFS with instruction in integrity testing and procedures.

CFS can be an integral part of your assurance program.

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