Hospital Filtration

Expertise is essential when dealing with peoples lives

Complete Filtration Solutions Ltd is listed in the current copy of the National NHS Trust Procurement Directory into which sponsored inclusion is only possible as a result of a satisfied NHS Trust putting a company forward. CFS offers the highest quality filters for hospitals but with excellent cost savings.

Hospitals need filtration in many areas from Air filtration in wards and  operating theaters to liquid filtration in endoscopy, renal dialysis and even steam filtration for autoclaves etc. CFS can provide all the filtration needs cutting costs, cutting suppliers and improving the service.

Knoweledge of filters is esscential when dealing with hospitals. It si possible to offer a filter of the correct micron rating but totally unsuited for the application, our knowledge ensures that lives are not puta t risk through poor knowledge or selection.


From Birth to seniority

From birth or even way before filtration is important to every person on this planet and every hospital. With the increasing occurrence of Clostridium difficile and MRSA filtration selection and regular change is essential. CFS can provide the right filter for every application from on site pharmaceutical production to endoscope washers.

With staff with over 24 years experience of dealing with Pharmaceutical manufacturers from Glaxo Smithkline to Pfizor we can assure the same level of expertise in hospital filter selection and provision.

Don''t take risks , there is no substitute for experience and knowledge and CFS can offer both and save your company significantly.

If your in control of filtration purchases are you buying filters from a real expert in filtration with experience in both liquid and air filtration. This experience is as rare as "hens teeth". Few if any other companies offer the expertise in both areas and this can only be gained by working direct for the manufacturers. The question has to be, if you had to go to hospital would you trust your life to the expertise of your supplier and his products? If the answer is no or you need to make savings without cuts in quality call CFS now and we will help you for the future.