Integrity Testing

Integrity testing of membrane filters

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CFS offers a "total ownership package" for membrane filters. We will supply, we will test the filter and provide a certificate of integrity (filter returned to CFS), we will replace if required (our cost is expected to be lower than competitors) and we will also dispose of filters if required.

CFS is equipped with the latest programmable integrity test equipment which is capable of testing any membrane filter from any manufacturer. If you have a filter from any supplier we will test it for you and advise if it is suitable for reuse.

If you require us to test your filters on site there is a charge to cover the time and travel etc.

I believe CFS is the only company offering this service, once again making us a leader in service and technology.

If a customer wants training in testing using the pressure decay, bubble point, diffusional flow or water intrusion test method again we are happy to assist.

This service can help establish if the filter you are using is a "true membrane" there are companies in the UK selling filters rated at 0.2, 0.45, 0.65 etc. as membrane filters when in fact they may not be. A membrane is made by the casting or and interface reaction of chemicals forming a porous film, it is not a non woven material. Even if the rating is the same they will not do the same job.  Particles and bacteria react in different ways.

A membrane filter also needs to be tested before despatch by integrity test, if you are in doubt please let CFS help and advise as the cost of a lost reputation could be enormous.

Gases For integrity Testing

Integrity testing should always be done using filtered dry gas, preferably Nitrogen but otherwise compressed air. Oil, moisture or contaminants can affect the result of an integrity test and for constant results dry, filtered and oild free Nitrogen is the best option. CFS has its own Nitrogen generation capability for testing of all types

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