mdi capsules

mdi capsules

CFS has the sole and excluse distribution rights for the UK for mdi capsules. For any capsule please contact CFS for help and advice.

Polyethersulphone membrane capsules
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PES membrane from mdi are exclusively available in the UK through CFS Limited and are Microbially validated as per ASTM F 838-83. These capsules are made to the highest specification and are available in 0.1 ,0.2, and 0.45 micron. 

These capsules are available for critical Pharmaceutical applications in a wide range of connections and sizes to suit the customers needs and can be supplied either sterile or non sterile packed.

Special Features  

  • Absolute Retention
  • Low Protein Binding
  • High Flow Rates
  • 100% Integrity tested


  • Sterile Filtration of high value fluids, Vaccine, hormones or oncology drugs
  • Small scale trials before "scale up"
  • Aseptic additions to fermentation processes


  1. Filter can be autoclaved for 30 cycles @ 121 deg C
  2. Maximum Pressure 4kg/cm @ 30 deg C
  3. Bio safety passes all USP class VI tests
  4. Extractables with water within limits of USP
  5. Oxidisables pass limits of USP

This is an ideal filter for a wide range of applications in Pharmaceutical and Electronics applications.  Many thousands of this units are sold in the UK to well known Pharmaceutical companies by CFS Limited.

PTFE Capsules
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PTFE capsules have a wide range of applications from sterile gas filtration to aggressive chemical filtration. The hydrophobic nature of PTFE makes it the only suitable membrane for sterile gas filtration. Available in 0.2 (0.01 in gas) and 0.45 micron, with a wide range of sizes and end fittings. Call CFS for advice and assistance.

Special Features

  • Hydrophobic
  • Absolute retention
  • Wide Chemical compatibility
  • 100% Integrity tested
  • Fully traceable


  • Fermenter exhaust for retention of organisms
  • Sterile air for cell factories
  • Venting of sterile collection vessels
  • Cleaning sterile surfaces


  • Sterilisable by autoclave for 100 cycles @ 121 deg C
  • Fully Bio Safe as per USP Class VI
  • Max Pressure for operation 4Kg/cm @ 30 deg C

Nylon 66 Capsules
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Nylon 66 has for many years been the membrane of choice for many Pharmaceutical companies. It is important to recognise that this is Nylon 66 and not Nylon 6 or Nylon 46.

Available in 0.2 micron and 0.45 micron with a range of connections. This filter provides sterile filtrate with and LRV>7 with relevant etst organisms.

Polypropylene Capsules
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Polypropylene Capsules provide a filtration unit made from just one substance, Polypropylene.  Available in micron sizes from 0.5 to 20 micron with a removal efficiency of better than beta 10,000 at the stated rating.

Special Features

  • High retention (99.999%)
  • Heat stable construction
  • Non Media migrating
  • Wide Chemical compatibility
  • Biologically inert


  • Pre Filtration of high value drug solutions
  • Pre filtration of drug vehicles
  • Pre filtration of air to fermentors
  • Chemical filtration in Electronics and Semiconductor plants


  • Retention of 99.999%
  • Maximum pressure of 4 Kg/cm sq @ 30 deg C
  • Max temperature of 80 deg C
  • Bio safe in accordance with USP class VI
  • Oxidisable matter passes USP
  • Extractables with IPA within limits of USP

Available in a wide range of sizes and end fittings. For help or advice please call CFS Limited.

Small Cartridge Filters (5 inch)
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Also available from mdi are a range of small filter cartridges to replace the "4463" style and small scale filters from many other manufacturers.

The range includes:

  • Pleated Polypropylene
  • Pleated Glass Fiber
  • Pleated PTFE membrane
  • Pleated Polyethersulphone membrane

For more information please contact CFS Limited. 

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