OEM supply

Filters supplied with your name and corporate identity

Whether your company discipline is water Treatment, equipment manufacture or maintenance or any other industry which requires filters we can supply the highest quality of filters branded to your company. Each filter can carry your logo, your part number and your contact details meaning you have no work to do and replacement sales are protected. We have access to top graphic designers meaning labels can be provided to a high specification as part of our service. We can also provide vinyl designs for filter housings if required. Our service goes far beyond the assessment and recommendation of the best filters, it extends to providing a corporate identity which means you keep the business you have gained and we support the whole package with the best laboratory equipment money can buy. Nearly all of this is free to you the customer.

You may be surprised to know that some companies who promote themselves as filter manufacturers may in fact only make or assemble a very small proportion of what they sell. Much is simply purchased, the company name attached and then sold. The question is who tested the filters, how are they rated, have they ever been tested? Filtration is the guarantee of qualty for your ingredients and final product. Without measurement there is no control. without control there is no guarantee of quality. Let CFS take all the guesswork away and give the ultimate assurance of quality for your liquids, gasses, ingredients and final products.

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