Pharmaceutical Manufacture

Vaccine, injectables, parentherals, tablets and cosmetics

Pharmaceutical Manufacture is a wide description of an industry which goes from the most critical vaccines to the less critical Cosmetics sector.

Filtration is critical at all stages in a Pharmaceutical plant and it is as important that the filters add nothing as the fact that they remove exactly to the level required with every single filter.

Regrettably, there are companies who supply to this sector products which have not been proven to be suitable but the Graver range is fully FDA compliant and can retrofit the majority of well known manufacturers.

For fermentation, we can offer sterile filters. For inoculation we recommend sterile PTFE membrane filters for the air so critical to the process. The Graver Tef Tec uses the highest quality of PTFE membrane and every filter is integrity tested prior to despatch.


Filter Applications

Filters are critical to Pharmaceutical manufacture. All filters from CFS from Graver Technologies use FDA approved materials. Validated membrane options are available and we can offer help and assistance fo the following filtration applications and many, many more:

  • Water Treatment and filtration.
  • Chemical Intermediates /  Solvents
  • Opthalmics.
  • Lense Solutions.
  • Biotech / Fermenter "off gas".
  • Fermenter feeds.
  • Diagnostics.
  • Liquids and Lotions.
  • Antibiotics.
  • Blood Products and Fractions.

Graver Filters offer real benefits

Filters from Graver Technologies offer the following benefits:

  • Filters with a proven performance
  • Cartridges with a proven integrity.
  • Cartridges with bacterial and yeast removal data.
  • Filters which can be steam sterilised.
  • Full Bio Safety test data (Cytotoxicity, LAL test etc. Ames mutigenicity.
  • The human body is 95% water so everything that goes in and on that body should be as pure as possible and not toxic. The experience CFS can offer in this field is second to none and has been gained from our staff dealing with companies like Glaxo Smithkline, The price we offer is extremely competitive and the support normally free and Graver are one of the largest filtration groups in the world. Who better to support your needs?

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