Plastic Housings

Full range of Plastic Housings
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CFS can provide a full range of filter housings for both Cartridge filters and Bag filters and the cartridge range is fully suited to a wide range of applications. Amatek has for many years been the only and leading producer of plastic housings but today the choice is far wider. CFS is not limited to one supplier of filter housings as many are and we can offer the choice and savings which will help your business.

Whatever your requirement, whether it be cartridge housings, large diameter (big blue style) housings, clear bowl, opaque bowl or bag housing we can help you with housings of quality and again we aim to save you money in the process.

An important factor with plastic housings is that they can also take an internal seal for the cartridge, this improves security and may be a safeguard to your process which has no extra cost.

Call us for assistance at any time and we will be pleased to help you.


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