Price Challenge

Price Challenge in Process Filtration

Let CFS put a smile on your face, and keep it there!

There are many filter suppliers, some call themselves manufacturers but in reality only make a small percentage of what they sell. We compare our products with the  best of the best. The  Graver Technologies range of Process filtration compares with the highest quality filters available.

We would like you to challenge us to beat any price you pay for a filter from a genuine proven manufacturer for products they make. This would  mean you can buy a product from a  proven ISO9001 manufacturer as in Graver Technologies and potentially save compared to any other supplier or manufacturer. Many sell the bulk of what they sell under their brand name. Beware other may not actually make what they sell, and if you don’t make it you can't control the quality or performance and that could impact on you the end user.

Remember we can provide a full comparison and provide all the facts. If you show us the evidence of the price we must beat we will do all in our power to help you. We also endevour to give the service others only dream of.

We look forward to that challenge.


Savings assured

CFS can offer all filters from Process and LIquid filters to Air panels, air bags etc.

If you use Process Filters from any other supplier we will aim to show technical advantages and savings. If you can send us a copy of an invoice from your current supplier we will provide a full techncial comparison and aim to offer significant savings.  We have worked in most industries ranging from Pharmaceutical to Electronics, water treatment, chemical and Semiconductor and there is probably no other filtration company in the UK with knowledge which is as extensive and that experience is free to our customers.

Call CFS now on 02392 595505, fax us on 02392 595544 or e mail and never look back, let us know what you have bought before and your price paid and let us do the rest for you. Why spend more when you don't need to and can get better, 24 hour service. Let CFS help you save on filtration and enjoy a better more secure life at your company.

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