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The production of Silicon Wafers and integrated circuits requires liquids and gases of the highest quality and lowest particle content. Old technology used by competitors incorporates Nylon membranes  which can suffer from hydrolosation with age but the range from CFS and Graver Technologies are amongst the highest quality available today.

The Graver Z tec E filter can remove particles to 0.03 micron absolute and the Vtec uses unique track etched technology. If the quality of filtration is your prime objective CFS and Graver Technologies are very very hard to beat.

The quality of water in a semiconductor plant is of the highest importance. The smallest particle can casue the reject rate of "devices" to reach unaceptable levels. CFS has the latest laser particle counters and has found in some ultrapure water systems particle counts higher than a water main, which may be a potential long term risk of using nylon membranes.

Let CFS offer the best options for the future in your production plant and let us show you with hard facts why what we offer is the best option.

Graver Technologies offer silicon free assurances, high rinse up times to 18 meg. ohm / cm and all filters are pre rinsed before despatch. Membrane filters are integrity testable and low TOC levels achieved quickly.

Let CFS show you how we can help, our staff have experience from most wafer fabrication plants in the UK and we supply a large number at this time.

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