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CFS has years of experience in filtration and we offer a full training program for a wide range of customers from re-sellers to end users.  It is important to have the right filter for the job, and just as important to know how to install, treat and test the filter.  We have state of the art training facilities to make the training both informative and enjoyable. Supplying the wrong filter can kill, plain and simple! We have tested fiilters from comnpetitors and some have been far from what is claimed.  One recent 0.5 micron filter, claimed to be 99.98% efficient at 0.5, was not even absolute rated at 20 micron. Please let CFS give you the right filter for the job you want it to do. Call us on 02392 595505 now and get what is right, and hopefully we will save you money as well.

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