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Filtration is a complex science and should always be treated as such.  Forces like direct interception, inertial impaction, gravity and Brownian motion all affect the performance of a filter.  Add in differing flow rates, viscosity and binding characteristics with chemical compatibilities and only the most experienced can offer the best advice.   At CFS we aim to offer the most appropriate advice and only by analysing the elements with which we work can we assess the best options in filtration.  Water is, believe it or not, the most difficult liquid to filter as no water from any two sources is the same, therefore the filtration required can vary tremendously.  Why have 40 micron pre filter if the largest particles are no larger than 5 micron and only by critical laboratory support can the correct filtration be recommended.  CFS can offer that advice as a part of our service.

This filtration support has a tremendous cost attached to it, most filtration distributors and even some manufacturers cannot afford the state of the art equipment and personnel to support this service.  CFS Technical and Laboratory Support believes that without this support filters cannot be manufactured and rated correctly and the correct recommendation cannot be made to give the customer the optimum savings and assurance of final product quality.

It is amazing, did you know a 1 micron filter is not always a 1 micron filter? A filter marked 1 micron could really be 5 micron, 20 micron or even 40 micron! We take away the mystery and give you what you need.

We can support you and know your industries. We have worked with Cosmetic manufacturers, Pharmaceutical manufacturers, Brewers, chemical companies, the list goes on.  We can provide what is right based on training experience and knowledge to ensure you get the right filter and do not risk your companies future and reputation.  The following is a scenario, think how this would affect a companies future:

A company filters a facial cream to remove bacteria before the customer uses it. To achieve this you need a 0.2 micron microbially rated membrane filter. A supplier provides a 0.2 micron particulate filter, meaning the customer gets a cream with microbes which should not be there, and sues the company for compensation. Do you see how important knowledge is?  And the micron rating is not the only thing to look at. With CFS there is no risk, we supply what is right and ask the right questions.

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CFS has years of experience in filtration and we offer a full training program for a wide range of customers from re-sellers to end users.  It is important to have the right filter for the job, and just as important to know how to install, treat and test the filter.  We have state of the art training facilities to make the training both informative and enjoyable. Supplying the wrong filter can kill, plain and simple! We have tested fiilters from comnpetitors and some have been far from what is claimed.  One recent 0.5 micron filter, claimed to be 99.98% efficient at 0.5, was not even absolute rated at 20 micron. Please let CFS give you the right filter for the job you want it to do. Call us on 02392 595505 now and get what is right, and hopefully we will save you money as well.