Water Filters

Water Filters

Water  is one of the most difficult liquids to filter. Water from one part of the country is totally different to water from another part of the country and we need to establish what we want to remove from the water? Do we want water that appears clear? Do we want water which is safe to drink? Do we want water for a process application?

Then we need to look at flow rates, absolute or nominally rated filters or microbially rated filters which are validated and to what levels.

CFS can make the whole process easy. We can take a water sample and tell you what particle size and loading is in that water. We can show what "train" of filters you may need to give the standard you need and we can optimise the filter size to give the best long term costs. Please note a small filter system may save you money now but cost it over years and it will cost you far more. We size filters on what you need and what is right for you.


The Right FIlters

Please be aware that water with all impurities removed is very aggressive so if we remove all soluble matter as well as particles and bacteria then the water may not be safe to drink. Ultrapure water will seek to regain lost salts and it will take those from your stomach if drunk. The result is we have to be selective what we remove.

By contacting CFS we can provide water which is fit for the purpose you need. If you want water to include as a "cutting liquor" for  brewing, or an ingredient for Pharmaceutical production or water for soft drinks or bottling we can provide that. We have expeience in all aspects of filtration.


If you seek the right solution at the best price which will work call us on 0333 66 66 600 or 02392 595505

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