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Liquid Process Filter Products

CFS is the sole, and exclusive, distributor for Graver Technologies for the UK with extensive stocks. We hold products for dedicated users, meaning they can enjoy a next day delivery at all times. Graver Technologies produces a range of probably one of the highest quality filters available for process filtration in the 21st century.  The production and development team is dedicated to the development, manufacture and service of advanced specification, clarification and filtration technologies for most process fluids as well as fermentation air and sterile gases.  Its high-performance, disposable filter elements are designed to provide critical filtration in a broad range of applications such as beverages, wine, beer, bottled water, ultra pure water, biologicals, Pharmaceuticals and high-purity chemicals. Graver can be viewed at and is part of a $6 Billion turnover group based in filtration.

Graver Filters are used extensively in the UK and Ireland in the following applications :

  • Pharmaceutical Manufacture
  • Water Treatment
  • Critical Electronics and Semiconductor Manufacture
  • Chemical Filtration
  • Ink filtration
  • Food and Beverage manufacture
  • Mineral and Spring Water Bottling
  • Breweries.

CFS (sole and exclusive distributor for UK and Ireland) and Graver can provide filters to remove bacteria, yeast, cryptosporidium gardia cysts and particulates.  We can also provide total bacterial removal for a wide range of bacteria and can provide filters with an LRV>7 when tested in line with HIMA (Health Industry Manufacturers Association) recommendations. By optimum selection of filter membrane and media, we can offer what is right for your requirement and provide a suitable product for your application, and save you money in the process.

Graver Technologies
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Graver Technologies is part of one of the worlds largest and most prestigious groups based in filtration and water treatment. With a turnover of $6 Billion a year, and run by some of the worlds most respected filtration experts, Graver Technologies has to be the right choice for your company filtration requirements. Graver Technologies is represented exclusively in the UK and Ireland by Complete Filtration Solutions Limited forming an unbeatable alliance of quality products, UK knowledge and unbeatable service. If your company has a filtration requirement let us show you the way to resolve that need based on quality, science and achieving the lowest cost per litre of filtration.

Graver Corporate Brochure download (2232kb)

Z Tec Poyethersulphone Membrane Cartridge Filters
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Z Tec membrane filters using Polyethersulphone membrane ranging from 0.03 micron to 0.65 micron absolute. This filter is the general grade product but is produced in a classified clean room using fully FDA approved materials. It has a high surface area of membrane often higher than competitors products and every single filter is flushed with 18 Meg ohm-cm water and bubble tested for integrity. This filter offers high flow rates for a low differential pressure and offers low non specific protein binding characteristics

Applications include: Food and Beverage, Cosmetics, Chemicals, Aqueous solutions, Ultra pure water, Ink, Acids and bases.

A full technical comparison available  between any filter currently used and this product if requested.

ZTecG Brochure download (154kb)

Z Tec B Polyethersulphone Membrane Cartridge FIlters
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Z Tec B grade is fully validated for microbial removal using the latest Polyethersuphone membrane technology.  Available in 0.2, 0.45 and 0.65 micron ratings.  Every filter is fully integrity testable with one of the highest surface areas for any comparable product.  This filter is validated at 0.2 for the removal on brevundimonus diminuta giving an LRV >7 (Log reduction value). Test data for other relevant organisms is available in the validation guide. This filter is ideal for Spring and Mineral Water final filtration, Wine and Spirits filtration Soft drinks, and Beer filtration. This filter is produced in classified clean rooms using fully FDA approved materials and every filter is 100% integrity tested before dispatch. This filter is fully steam sterilisable.

A full comparison is available between this filter and any filter you may currently use.

ZtecB Brochure download (163kb)

Z Tec E Polyethersulphone Membrane Cartridge FIlters
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Z Tec Electronics grade, fully validated for microbial removal and fully integrity testable using the latest Polyethersulphone membrane technology. This filter has one of the highest effective surface areas of membrane for any comparable product giving long life and low resistance to flow.  Available in ratings from 0.03 micron to 0.65 micron this filter is at the top of the "specification tree" and not to be confused with similar low area untested products from competitors.  Every filter is flushed with 18 megohm/cm water until the system achieves 18 meg ohm / cm resistivity before drying in a clean room and packing. Every filter is integrity tested. This flushing process ensures the fasted "rinse up" time available.  Produced under the cleanest conditions in qualified clean rooms this filter can cut costs and improve performance in ultra pure water applications as well as critical chemical filtration applications.  This filter will not hydrolise unlike Nylon membranes from competitors. We also recommend silicon seals are not used in semiconductor applications as silicon and semiconductors do not go well together.  EPR is the standard seal.  You would be amazed how many UK ultra pure water treatment systems have silicon seals in semiconductor plants, a definite "no no" for those with experience.  If you want high quality filtration in electronics or semiconductor applications the Z Tec E must be a leading contender.

Full comparisons available between this and any competitors product on request.

ZtecE Brochure download (148kb)

Ztec WB
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Ztec WB is the latest addition to the Graver range and is designed for critical filtration in the bottling of Wines and Beers.  Manufactured in cleanroom conditions and 100% integrity tested and microbially validated this filter can be used with confidence.  This filter contains on of the highest effective surface areas of any comparable filter meaning the life in service should be longer than comparable filters.  Developed and tested by leading experts in filtration the Graver ZtecB uses a high grade Asymmetric Polyethersulphone membrane which can be repeatedly steamed and hot water sanitised.  The Graver Ztec WB has to be a consideration for every serious wine, beer or spirits producer in the UK.


This filter should be integrity testable in situ with any existing test equipment if required.


ZtecWB Brochure download (175kb)

Water Tec
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Water Tec is a low cost Polyethersulphone membrane filter rated at 0.05, 0.1, 0.2, 0.45 and 0.65 micron. This filter is still produced to similar exacting standards but with economy more in mind. The surface area still exceeds most competitors standard products and this product is still produced in full clean room conditions under ISO 9001. All the materials are again of the highest quality and this filter is ideal for General Water filtration, DI water filtration and Aqueous based chemical filtration. This filter is produced in full clean room conditions and available at a price which is difficult to beat anywhere in the UK for a similar product.

Watertec Brochure download (157kb)

QMA Polypropylene Filter Series
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QMA  filter cartridges are of the highest performance and specification for a pleated polypropylene filter cartridge. With an absolute removal efficiency  from installation of Beta 5000 (99.98%) and a product range from 0.2 micron to 10 micron this filter can be ideal as a "multi stage" filter or to replace more expensive membrane filters. Produced with one of the highest effective surface areas for a single filter using multi layer FDA approved Polypropylene, this filter is a top contender when high quality filtration is required.  Quality is of paramount importance in the prodcution process.  Applications include Food and Beverage, Mineral and Spring Water, Pharmaceutical Production, Cosmetics, Process water, Aqueous solutions and Chemicals.

A full technical comparisons available between this and any competitors products.   

QMA Brochure download (164kb)

QMC Polypropylene Filter Series
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QMC is a nominally rated version similar to the QMA above but with a 95% removal efficiency at the stated rating. Available in range from 0.1 - 10 micron this filter can also be interpreted as 99% efficient from 0.8 micron to 25 micron in the range.  This filter is tested at 0.4 micron for the removal of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast making it ideal for the brewing and Wine industries.  All materials are 100% FDA approved polypropylene and the construction is via multi layer pleated assembly.

QMC Brochure download (145kb)

QCR Cryptosporidium Parvum Cyst Reduction Filter
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The QCR filter cartridge is designed and validated for the removal of Cryptosporidium Parvum.  "Crypto." is a recent parasite, not being a bacteria or a virus and very resistant to inactivation by normal water treatment such as chlorination.  Only filtration can guarantee the removal of the threat.  Crypto can kill the elderly, young and those with deficient immune systems.

This filter exceeds all specifications set by NSF 53 and is fully tested as recommended for this application.  Care should be taken when comparing this fully tested and validated product to other products claimed to be 1 micron absolute but not tested and validated and not built to exacting test and quality control standards.

This filter from Graver is ideal for any company producing food or drink products where water is washed onto the finished product or left uncooked.  Many major supermarkets insist that products on their shelves are washed with water filtered to at least this standard 


QCR Brochure download (160kb)

QXL Polypropylene Filter Series
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QXL is a pleated polypropylene filter which is absolute rated at the stated rating but incorporates the benefits of depth filters and pleated filters.  Spun depth filters offer excellent removal properties for Gels etc but short life, but the QXL offers all the benefits of both types.  The QXL can also be used as an excellent pre filter in water applications due to its graded pre filtration meaning multi stage pre filtration can be repalced with one QXL filter.

Graver QXL Brochure download (260kb)

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QXL is ideal for general water prefiltration, removing in many cases multi stage systems and replacing it with one or two (if membrane final filter required).  It is also ideal for CMP slurry filtration in semiconductor manufacture, Ink Jet Ink filtration and general coatings filtration.

Built to outperform competitors products a full comparison is available if required between the QXL and any other competitors product. 

PMA Polypropylene Filter Series
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PMA is a pleated polypropylene filter cartridge which is absolute rated at Beta 5000 (99.98% efficiency) from installation.  With ratings from 0.2 to 25 micron this filter is ideal for a wide range of applications.  Manufactured from high surface area media which is 100% FDA approved and produced under strict environmental conditions, this filter is widely used in applications from hospitals and pharmaceutical manufacture to water and chemical production.  This filter outperforms the majority of competitors and where even longer life is required the QMA is available

This filter can be offered in continuous lengths up to 40 inches meaning no welds every 10 inches, no additional seams and fewer joints.

This is the most sold filter by Graver in the UK andthe "workhorse" of many applications.

Graver PMA Brochure download (156kb)

PMC Polyypropylene Filter Series
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PMC is essentially a nominally rated version of the PMA above with a rated efficiency of 90% at the stated rating, the PMC offers nominal removal from 0.2 micron to 50 micron within the range. This filter is a direct replacement for the "PFT" from a well known competitor and can be replaced on a like for like basis.

Graver PMC Brochure download (152kb)

GFC Microfibreglass Filter Series
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GFC is a borosilicate microfiber pleated filter with a positive "zeta potential".  The filter is produced using media of the highest quality secured with an acrylic binder.  All the other components are polypropylene.  Nominally rated from 0.2 micron to 30 micron or absolute rated from 1 micron to 45 micron (Beta 5000).  This filter is ideal for applications in water treatment, biological production and wines and spirits. This filter offers exceptional flow rates, low protein adhesion and consistent filtration and is suitable for Food and Beverage production, Magnetic Tape production, Ink manufacture, Chemical manufacture, Cosmetic production and a wide range of other production processes. 

Graver GFC Brochure download (159kb)

Graver GFP High temperature Filter Cartridge

The Graver GFP is an absolute rated filter cartridge rated at Beta 5000 or 99.98% but also nominally rated. This filter has a high pleated surface area but will run to 110 deg C more than 30 degrees higher than any polypropylene filter is recommended.  For applications from Petrochemical and solvent production to Boiler water pr bottled water this could be the solution to your filtration requirements.

GFP High Temperature Filter Cartridge (150kb)

TefTEC PTFE Membrane Filter Series
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TefTec is a  membrane filter range using PTFE membrane from Gore the worlds recognised highest quality producer of PTFE membrane. PTFE membrane offers better flow rates for gas filtration when compared to PVDF and is more hydrophobic offering greater security. At 0.2 micron the membrane is HIMA validated offering 0.01 micron gas filtration due to Brownian motion. The range extends from 0.05 micron to 1 micron.

This filter is again manufactured in critical conditions and subject to 100% flushing with 18 megohm/cm water and integrity tested.

This filter is ideal for the filtration of aggressive chemicals, sterile gas filtration in fermenter feeds and for sterile tank venting. again this filter has one of the highest effective surface areas for any filter of this type making it a leading performer.

Graver Teftec Brochure Download (189kb)

Superior Products & Global Reach

Whether your business operation is local or global CFS, via Graver technologies, can support you and your needs with superior products and services.  Our ion exchange, adsorbent, filtration and membrane products deliver exceptional performance in some of the harshest process environments in North America, Europe, Asia, the Pacific Rim, South America and Africa.

Stratum graded filtration

The Graver Stratum Filter made the best even better. The Stratum is a graded depth filter made from FDA approved (Food and Drugs Administration) materials and developed by personnel who were instrumental in making the previous world leading products. The Graver Stratum is now regarded by leading authorities in filtration as "the best".

Available in nominally rated and absolute rated versions, all have a graded filtration structure and all  have the "Cactus core" to stop core movement. This filter is available in any length from 1 inch to 40 inches in the UK, with a full range of end fitting.

Please download and view the attached literature.

Stratum General Brochure (1898kb)

Stratum A

Stratum A is absolute rated via the Modified OSU-F2 test to confirm it is 99.9% efficient at removing particles at the stated rating and larger. Available in ratings from 0.5 micron to 70 micron this filter will perform favourably when compared to all similar products. Manufactured in clean environmental conditions in the USA this filter is 100% suitable for applications from Pharmaceutical Manufacture to Semiconductor production, food and beverages inks chemical and printing etc.

If you want consistent results from a filter produced under the strictest quality control procedures and ISO 9001 then the Graver Stratum has to be the answer. This filter will withstand a 10.3 bar differential!!!. Yes that is right, the cartridge could stand more than the housing it's in.  What other filter offers that assurance of strength?

CFS has stocks for immediate delivery.

Stratum A (absolute rated) Brochure download (280kb)

Stratum C

The Graver Stratum C filter cartridge is essentially a nominally rated version of the Stratum A. Rated between 0.5 micron and 75 micron this filter offers economies which may be attractive where an absolute rated filter is not required.

Stratum C Brochure download (275kb)

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