Traceability and OEM marking

Traceability and OEM Marking
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The ability to recognise what a filter is, may be of the highest importance! To be able to trace a filter back to its manufacturer or component pieces may be essential. To be able to get customers to come back to you for repeat business may be desirable but not believed available from any other filter supplier!

Complete Filtration Solutions can make all this possible by engraving into the hardware of the filter part numbers, lot numbers and even your company name if desired.

Complete Filtration Solutions believes in offering what others do not offer, and only by investment in both our, and our customers future, is this possible.

In addition to the substantial investment in laboratory equipment totalling in excess of £50,000 we have invested an additional £20,000 in filter engraving equipment. This machine utilises the latest software and computer control to provide any font or script desired as well as logo's directly onto the filter.

In short a filter from CFS can be uniquely identified as your filter if you are reselling the units, or it can provide unique traceability.

This technology adds nothing to the filter which will add to extractables and has absolutely no downside, only positives, in any way. Again a small service which sets CFS way above the competition.


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